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Personalized content is the key to successful marketing. I can help you by creating actionable content that inspires and informs your customers.

Cleantech & Greentech

A lifelong passion, environmental issues have been catapulted into the public sphere of late, making this one of the most sought-after content topics across many industries.


My scientific studies as a young woman have hugely informed the way I approach topics around health & wellness. Living off-grid has also taught me traditional methods.

Pets & Horses

Being from the UK, I am an avid animal lover. As a pet owner myself, I’m able to combine science and empathy to create fun and interesting content around the perpetually popular topic of pets.

“Emma is a superb writer and consummate professional. Our readers love her fluid style and depth of knowledge, and our editors love her commitment to deadlines and attention to detail. With absolute trust in her consistent approach to producing helpful, informative, and engaging content, we consider Emma a ’10’ on a scale of 1 to 5. I highly recommend the experience of working with her!”

Christian Adams, Managing Content Editor, Pangolia Pte Ltd

“It’s so difficult to find reliable, experienced content marketers who understand the dynamics of writing for digital *and* have equestrian expertise. So working with Emma has been a huge weight off my shoulders! The biggest deal-maker for me is her ability to take, implement and grow from feedback — she’s not married to her copy but instead to getting the best results. Every piece I commission from her is stronger and more aligned with our target audience than the last. Of all the writers I’ve tried and tested, Emma has the attitude and expertise that make her indispensable. I’d highly recommend her!”

Suzanne Al-Gayaar, Copywriter


Emma is a UK freelance writer and content creator, living in Spain, with her husband, their little girl, 2 horses, 4 dogs and 4 cats.

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